Comedy Reel

For COMEDY, she’s your quirky co-worker or neurotic mom. The kind you go to for advice knowing they are way off the mark! 

Drama Reel

For DRAMA, she’s your concerned and comforting mom or friend; strong complex dominate female or alcoholic mom.


Think Leslie Nope in Parks & Rec; Katy Mixon in American Housewife; Megan Mullany in Will & Grace or Allison Janney in Juno. Dawn is the oldest of 7 children whose parents were both lawyers. She studied 2 years of acting at West Virginia University before switching majors due to an unexpected tragedy that left her father in a coma for several months before he passed away. Later in life, she is living out the motto "it's never too late!" Dawn returned to the theater then made her start in film/tv as a background actor on House of Cards, VEEP and Political Animals before moving onto speaking roles. Discovering a passion for comedy, Dawn asked herself "What is the one thing that would scare you the most that would make you a better comedic actor?" That was stand up! She took classes at Stand Up Studios DC and got hired out of their graduation showcase. She's been working as a professional comedian ever since. Dawn started X2 Comedy to produce comedy shows that provide opportunities for herself and other comics to spread the joy of laughter finding an ever growing fanbase!


Height: 5’4″



  • The Breakout Dream – (tough as nails bitter executive) – TZ Gee Productions

  • Toobie – Hope’s Mom (soft reprimanding mom) – Northbay Media Arts

  • Brother’s Keeper – Leah (estranged sister – lawyer) – Child Faith Films

  • On the Run – Mrs. Hastings (divorced nurturing mom) – SMAD Film Festival



  • Carmen Velasquez Story – Carmen’s Mom (drug addict mom) – CBN 700 Club



  • Friendly City Comedy – Series Regular Sketch Comedy – YouTube Channel



  • Becky’s Favor – Debbie (ethical caring social worker – lead) – Time Step Films

  • The Birthday Invitation – Debbie (mentoring co-worker) – Time Step Films

  • No Perfect Home – Sarah Lopez (alcoholic recovering mom)  – Time Step Films

  • Friends Like These – Nurse (clinic nurse) – Time Step Films



  • Find Your Funny – Monologue (neurotic alcoholic mom) – Ars Nova, TAP NYC

  • Danny Comes To Dinner – Tina Weadon (supportive mom) – Wilson Theatre

  • The Nerd – Clelia Waldgrave (kooky wife) – The Valley Playhouse

  • Devier’s Day in Court – Catherine Smoltz (gossipy neighbor)- The Valley Playhouse


Commercial – Available upon request



  • Monologue Method – Maureen Toomey – Studio 353 The Actors Project (TAP) NYC

  • Master  On-Camera Acting Class – Erica Arvold and Richard Warner

  • Scene Study Class – Samuel Roukin – WVCE Studio, Scene Coach

  • Self Taping Workshop – Amy Insley

  • On-Camera Training – Brenna McDonough

  • Monologue Study – Cheryl Felicia Rhoads

  • Improv – Groove Cat Comedy Troupe, David Webster

  • Stand Up – Stand-Up Studios, Sheila Wenz



  • West Virginia University, 2 years of Acting

  • West Virginia University, B.S. and M.S., Exercise Physiology


Special Skills:

Stand Up (3+ years), Voiceover, Excellent People Skills, Stick Shift Driver, Golf, Former Health & Fitness Professional, Public Speaker